Thursday, September 17, 2009


check it out...

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Seriously.. my friend who did it.. Thank you very much.. lol hahahaha... apa ini.. juat in time to release all my stress out!!! hahahahahahaha

Thanks tuck xing.. u are so cool... making me so sexy in the video.. open shirt lagi.. i now non stop watching the video leh.. hahaha

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trying to express myself to everyone out there...

Hey everyone... to everyone out there who thought i may have disappeared... haha I"M STILL ALIVE...

Its just this kind of life is too hectic.. i've been involved in too much things that me myself cannot handle everything due to my poor time managements... if just i've been a better planner.. things wont be as messy as this sem...

after reading teck wei's blog... this feeling arose me to write about my feelings too. Well same as what teck wei's feeling now... his situation is almost as same as what i'm now facing too.. just he's facing more into uni, but i'm facing more to the people in the world as i have to face them for business, calls, this and that.. i too joined SRC, traveller's den as a lousy treasurer, doing business, outside club, and church ^^ which i enjoy very much.

to all my friends out there... i'm really sorry that i cant be there when any activities are held... i'm also feel like being kicked out from the group. Its a hard feeling to be kicked out u know... i also find it really hard to have some fun quality time with you all friends. I too wish we could have some time for dinner, yam cha or even a simple lunch would do.

this sem will be the semester which i met so so so much new friends... and my friends list is reaching 4000 people now.. i've been doing a list of people that i know... know almost 4000 people... and its hard to maintain to be friends with everyone...

loves one.. i'm too sorry as i spend less time with my loves one... someone new approaches and i tend to forgot the old one.. and this is bad... so i keep this thing in mind that... everyone i know is a gift... gift that must be treasure every single moment and friends are to help when we;re in need. true? TRUE!!!

back to study... studying is like nothing... nothing as in nothing in everything.. this sem i learn nothing, study nothing, done nothing, did nothing, come on Peter... get back on study... i really enjoy the world out there.. but this study stuff is keeping me inside... for where i need to study to graduate so that i'm free to face the world as much as i like..

i'm facing the world of people.. but i'm bond to study... aaaaahhhhh gosh.. ^^ nvm study is good...

still a few friends that i need to thanks for this semester... i just dunno but these few friends are the one who still remembers me... may be because of what we have in common.. hahaha... caroline because you were always there when i'm in trouble, ah bin, wayne, all my share group as you guys are always be there when i shared my feelings... kok sheng, teck wei as you both are the one i always see when i need help and advice and studies.... mei mei as u are always there when i need notes to copy from... kok yong.. as you are there for industrial training... hahaha... and to everyone u are equally important!!! and yea lien wei and yi zhong as you played squash with me... now i got myself a new sports... squash.. hahaha... a game where you can play it all alone!!

as for the one out there is suffering the same fate as i or most of us do... please dont give up... paling paling also fail this semester only mah... hahaha... just need to see things in a different perspectives... bad stuff will be good.. and everything will be fine...

Friday, April 17, 2009

A voice of Angel

check it out.. i found this artist this singer superbly very unique very good, i'm really amazed by his voice... introducing Vitas.. a russian artist.. a voice of super mega high pitch voice.. try at home if you can sing shout this high pitch..

it sounds fake.. but its really his voice.. voice even higher than a woman's high pitch voice.. really simply amazing!!!!


UTAR online registration... traffic super jam

17.April.2009 (UTAR online registration)

8.15am - Very nervous... wanna online register quickly then get back to sleep... try click utar website.. everything's fine...

8.28am - "come on come on come on.. let me register" i wanna sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8.29am - server down.. oh great.. i wont get to sleep..

8.35am - click click click... cant log on.. msn some friens.. "ei.. can log in or not?" mostly all say "cant oh.. stupid de"

8.40am - alamak... why cannot de oh.. go make milo... "die lo.. later no place how?"

9.00am - what the buck happen? for 30 minutes i have been clicking the same thing at the same place at around 30cli/min (clicking/minute)

9.15am - log on to play game... now lagi geng... 45cli/min because of the game hahaha

9.30am - 1 hour jo lo.. haihuyoyo.. ok.. blog blog now..nothing to do.. T.T

i wonder when will i get to submit my online registration? UTAR.. keep up the good work.. a lot student will support you.. dont worry..

Talkative? or better silent?

Sometimes is it good to be talkative or silent? I start to realize that i'm quite silent... i really depends on what type of people i'm talking to, the topic, the point is i'm quite choosy.

Stay quite, less risk... less margin or error, less friends, less everything..
talkative, risky? for those who dunno how to talk properly, more friends, more everything..

well anyonw who knows me... am i talkative or kinda quiet? trying to get back the old me..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Check this out..

hear and listen this song... anyone's life is exactly same as in the song? hehe... cool song check it out.. hakka song

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NEAR exam soon but yet so free... hahaha

UTAR finals coming soon... very soon but yet i'm so free... class monday skip.. tuesday go for one class then skip... wednesday go class... engineering class no current.. so very hot.. then skip... thursday moral. probably skip too... friday then one week gone like that..

really really near exam soon but really yet so free BECAUSE i'm lazy... ok since i admit that i'm lazy i'm going to study starting today... wohoo.. hope that my high spirit studies will continue till the end of the exam...

24-March, Whole bunch of friends went genting Highland just like that.. plan now go later.. i also weanna go but teman bro go see car... eventually he decided to buy a second hand Toyota Altis 1.6e. Genting Highland... i will come too sooner or later.. cause my family will be here soon... apirl then i will go again.. now i got the pass to go in Casino.. i'm 21 hahaha.. wohoo..